An Oral Orthotic Company with Proprietary Technology

Holding US Patents for a “SYSTEM AND METHOD TO BIOENGINEER FACIAL FORM IN ADULTS.”Shown to reduce the signs of facial aging for adult men and women, as well as realign the teeth for a wider, more symmetrical smile and a more youthful appearance for life.

Our remarkable devices are for people who want to achieve the following results naturally through orthopedic/orthodontic night time only functional appliances.
See these incredible results at any age:

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• More prominent cheekbones
• A Wider smile
• Decreased lines and wrinkles
• Straighter teeth
• Better facial symmetry
• Facial enhancement and anti-aging

Smiling Client

What Can Our Appliances Do For You?

The Facialblocks™ appliance is a revolutionary oral device that looks like a retainer, but the results go way beyond teeth straightening. Furthermore it is currently the only orthodontic appliance for teeth straightening and facial development that is worn in the night time only.

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