Another Satisfied Patient

The Homeoblock™ system by Dr. Belfor is nothing short of a miracle. In adulthood, I had developed a fair amount of facial asymmetry due to several factors: One was an impacted cuspid on the right side that overtime had caused my bite to shift. My cheekbones were uneven and my muscle structure had weakened on the side where my teeth didn't fit together properly. My mouth was “falling” a little on the side where there was a missing adult tooth. Because I am a singer, and I am being filmed, photographed and “forced” to take selfies for social media, and these imperfections became more noticeable and bothered me quite a bit.

In my thirties, I had an MRI, which ruled out stroke, MS, Bell’s Palsy, and Lyme Disease. I had spent numerous hours researching facial asymmetry, facial nerve, and muscular disorders looking for answers and treatment possibilities and thankfully came across the Homeoblock™ appliance. In four short months, I have had substantial development in the under developed parts of my face, it is completely astounding! I am on my way to a symmetrical face, similar to the one I had as a child, but growing, finally, into adulthood. It is very emotional, as I had suffered self-esteem, communication and intimacy issues because of the asymmetry of my face and smile. I never admitted this to anyone, but I am beginning to look people straight on, in the eye, and be photographed from the front, something I haven't been able to do since my early teen years.

Some other unexpected benefits: my skin tone and digestion have improved, I feel calmer, sleep better, breathe better through my nose, and am no longer a mouth breather at night. I was facing a life of accepting my flaws as they were, or undergoing jaw, oral, or plastic surgery, which never seemed like viable options.

The Homeoblock™ is a wonderful device for people looking for better facial symmetry, straighter teeth, a broader smile, wider palate, slow palate expansion, improvement in sleep apnea and snoring, or an alternative to cheekbone implants or plasticsurgery. I am hoping Dr. Belfor continues his work, and is eventually able to study the effects of the Homeoblock™ even on patients with congenital defects. Adult facial bone growth is indeed possible! I am forever grateful that I found Dr. Belfor -- the Homeoblock™ is the answer to my prayers.

—Miranda Richards


Occlusal Imbalance

Occlusal imbalance causes headaches and TMJ disorder.


If our occlusion is not in harmony and balance the muscles of the neck can be affected along with the muscles for mastication.The scalene muscles are the stabilizers.
Short muscles under spinal control
Optimize your movement and minimize your stress.
They are switched off most of the time.They only come into play when the joint is stressed.
If your patient shows pain in the scalene muscles chances are their occlusion needs attention.


Maxillary Development


The face of the young woman above shows the effects of maxillary development with twelve months of Facialblock™ treatment.


The Science Behind The Facialblock™ Appliance

On occasion, in thoughtful query, a few in the profession have expressed that the basis for the Facialblock™ Appliance protocol is anecdotal, without scientific basis. I will address such judgment herein.

Donald Enlow in the “Essentials of Facial Growth, second edition”, points out that “bone remodeling and displacement are the two critical elements of growth and development.” He indicates that “the brain with its associated sensory organs and basicranium, the facial and pharyngeal airway, and the oral complex are all interrelated.” He states that “the airway function is the keystone for the face and that growth processes work toward an ongoing state of composite function and structural equilibrium.”


Airway Morphology and Sleep Apnea

Airways that were more elliptical in shape and mediolaterally oriented, (greater lateral/retroglossal anteroposterior dimension ratio), had a decreased tendency toward obstruction.



Treating Teeth Clenching And Grinding

The most common causes of teeth clenching and grinding are; stress, anxiety, suppression of anger and frustration, abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth (malocclusion), sleep and breathing problems and the side effects of medication
The standard dental treatment is to provide an occlusal guard or splint. There is not sufficient evidence that these appliances are effective1.

However, a study on mandibular advancement devices (MAD) finds significant reduction in sleep bruxism.2 Short term results using MAD


Autonomic Nervous System Balance Through Breathing And Appliance Therapy

• Heart rate variability (HRV) is a non-invasive window into autonomic nervous system balance

• Autonomic nervous system balance is a key component to overall general health

• When we breathe we regulate, increase and decrease in arterial pressure; this is the cardiopulmonary connection

• Breathing combined with Facialblock™ appliance therapy can generate improved autonomic nervous system balance as demonstrated through improved (HRV)

• The Facialblock ™ appliance therapy with tongue and jaw muscle action and controlled breathing can enhance sympathetic and parasympathetic response generating greater heart rate variability, which equates to greater autonomic nervous system balance (coherence).


Airway Development With The Facialblock™ Appliance

The epigenetic response to Facialblock™ treatment results in face and airway development. The practical application is for treatment of sleep and breathing disorder. The following is a case study which demonstrates the treatment potential of this appliance therapy.