Company Devices

These are the devices we have designed.

The Facialblocks™ is a Functional Orthodontic Appliance available for the upper and lower arch. The orthodontic expansion screw may be expanded up to 6mm.


The NightBlock™ protects teeth as it reduces night time clenching and grinding.

  • Decompresses the Jaw Joint
  • Deprograms the musculature
  • Allows greater forward movement of the tongue
  • Comfortably worn at night time only

The majority of traditional flat plane occlusal night guards serve merely to protect the teeth – without addressing the root cause(s) of bruxism. What’s more, they can actually worsen Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The NightBlock™ is a patented oral splint that can reduce bite forces and prevent damage from clenching and grinding, while placing the jaw in a more favorable position.


The OrthoBlock™ is the ideal orthodontic retainer for a patient that has completed orthodontic treatment and has either poor tongue posture, swallowing habits, jaw joint problems or is a teeth clencher or grinder.
The device helps to prevent orthodontic relapse. The individual T-Flap Springs are capable of limited orthodontic movement if desired.

The “Preventive Oral Device” is a mandibular splint designed to reduce stress and protect the teeth. The POD™ can be used as a daytime or night time appliance. Biting on the unilateral bite block proprioceptively decreases maximum bite force, reducing overactive muscle activity.
The device allows the tongue to move anteriorly and superiorly while the increased vertical dimension of the bite block decompresses the jaw joints. Combined with controlled breathing and used for 15-20 minutes at a time during the day, we have demonstrated reduction of stress and improved autonomic nervous system balance.

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