Facial Development

Nature wants you to reach your full beauty potential, Advanced Facialdontics® assists in attaining your body’s unique, gene-specific facial developmental and symmetrical outcome.

Traditional orthodontic treatment involves continual forces on teeth, but Advanced Facialdontics® devices provide intermittent signaling to the teeth when you swallow and bite down. It is postulated that these intermittent signals are picked up by receptors around the teeth and in the sutures of the bones of the face, restarting craniofacial development in adult patients. The face and the airway are linked. The developmental process improves the patient’s airway as seen in case studies.

Soft food in our diet polluted air and lack of proper breast feeding leaves us with smaller jaws and unexpressed genes for development.It is postulated that wearing Advanced Facialdontics® devices sends signals to the body to start the process of self correction by activating the genes that have not yet been expressed. The results are increased jaw size and mid-face volume. Since we age by losing bone and soft tissue volume in our face this treatment results in arresting and reversing the premature aging of the face as noticed in case studies.

Facial development after 12 months treatment

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