Airway Development With The Facialblock™ Appliance

The epigenetic response to Facialblock™ treatment results in face and airway development. The practical application is for treatment of sleep and breathing disorder. The following is a case study which demonstrates the treatment potential of this appliance therapy.


Both the face and the airway are collapsing on the right side.
Note the right corner of the eye and jowling on the right side of the face.
Note the collapse of the pharyngeal fold on the right side. (left side on your screen)


A sixty year bi-maxillary retrusive male patient presented with a complaint of a sleep disorder. He woke up feeling unrefreshed and was tired all day. He was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and provided with CPAP therapy. He could not wear the CPAP device and was referred for appliance therapy treatment with a standard FDA approved sleep appliance. A Somnodent appliance was fabricated and delivered. He was tested before and after with a Watch PAT 100 ambulatory sleep study. He showed almost a fifty percent improvement in RDI and 75% improvement in AHI. Good results. However the patient complained that he was still tired all day. He was then successfully treated for 12 months with Facialblock™ appliance therapy protocol and returned to a Somnodent appliance. The patient now reports a high energy level and is no longer tired all day.