Occlusal Imbalance

Occlusal imbalance causes headaches and TMJ disorder.


If our occlusion is not in harmony and balance the muscles of the neck can be affected along with the muscles for mastication.The scalene muscles are the stabilizers.
Short muscles under spinal control
Optimize your movement and minimize your stress.
They are switched off most of the time.They only come into play when the joint is stressed.
If your patient shows pain in the scalene muscles chances are their occlusion needs attention.

Patient treated with the Facialblock™ Appliance
A patient wearing a sleep appliance for several years has had tooth movement creating open spaces and developed pain symptoms and was evaluated and treated.
This patient data was provided by Dr. Arnold Valdez, Claremont, California.

Before and after treatment:


This patient shows improved occlusal harmony, better tongue posture and increased airway volume over a two year period. This patient’s head and neck pain were treated successfully.